Saturday, May 10, 2008

Welcome to ED 630, Fall 2008

Here you will find important information, as well as access to all of your colleagues' blogfolios.

By now you should have all created a blog and told me what your blog web address is.

You should also have either the DVD with the course materials on it, or have downloaded the course materials from the DVD on to your computer.

If you don't have the course materials, then please get them from someone in your community who has them.

No one in your community to get the materials from? Then let me know so I can mail them to you.

Distance students:

To get started with the course, simply go the folder Syllabus2008-START HERE! and open up the file, SyllabusMatFall2008.

Juneau students:

Create your blog and read through the syllabus before the first class on September 2nd. We are meeting downstairs in the Novatney Bldg. in the conference room.