Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome to ED 632, Spring 2009!

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the second half of the educational technology coursework for the 2008-2009 MAT program.

Here are links to the stories referenced in the syllabus, in case you are having problems with the links:
  • Lost Children of Kenya, by Amanda Gustavson. This piece explained current events at the time (the uprising in Kenya) through the character of a fictional nine year old
  • Viva La Revolucion, by Kate Coseo, a short explanation about social conditions in Brazil.
  • A Sense of Place, A trip around Baranof Island, by Marty Maines, prepared for his science class to help students study local ecology and geography.
  • Michael Mickey Mantle Jordan, by Nick Leiser, about why exercising is important.
  • Something in Common, by Rebecca Boettcher. Her piece explains fractions in terms of a fictional story.
  • Digital Story of Jeanne d Arc, by Shanna Rounds, done in French, to model combining digital storytelling, foreign language and social studies.
  • Sitka History, by Timm Nelson, prepared for his history students for the study of local, place-based history.
Questions? Please let me know.